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The Full Story


Primary Care at Home, INC. is a non-profit  medical organization providing healthcare and health management services in the Oakland, California Bay Area. We seek to recognize, empathize, and correctly respond to clients’ individual needs both medically and psychosocially. Everyone in our care is treated with dignity and humanity.


Primary Care at Home, INC.’s (PCAHI) mission is to provide accessible, comprehensive healthcare that addresses the full spectrum of social conditions that affect the lives of our clients. Through clinical excellence and collaborative wrap-around services, we provide care that allows our clients to thrive medically and psychosocially.


Central to this mission is our work towards the eradication of the HIV epidemic in Alameda county (U=U) and our support of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH). In addition to primary clinical care and comprehensive supportive services, our work also encompasses preventative health education and intervention (PrEP).


Education and advocacy are the cornerstone of what we do. We ensure that people’s voices are heard, and provide access to resources and services available so that each person is able to make well-informed, health-literate decisions after our care.


Our vision is to become the preferred and premier home health care provider for Alameda County—especially the elderly and people living with HIV (PLWH). 


At PCAHI, we envision a future where communities are educated, informed and empowered to achieve wellness and health through care and support. 


We aim to redefine health and healthcare to include and uplift all towards a better quality of life, regardless of age, HIV status, stigma, ability, mental health, or social condition.*



Our community is the center of our work and how we operate. We support, value, engage, and empower our community. With our collaborators, we share skills, resources, and knowledge for the betterment of all, with a focus on priority populations. 

Trust & Integrity

We hold ourselves to the highest of standards, demonstrating honesty and responsibility to those we work with and the community we support. With over fifteen decades of experience, our team is committed to providing quality, professional care.


We adapt to changing circumstances and embrace medical breakthroughs and innovation. We are future and sustainability-oriented, meaning that we work towards what’s best for our community in the long run.

Compassion & Dignity

We provide care in a way that respects all people equally, regardless of illness, age, sexuality, gender identity and expression, housing status, or any other social condition. We empower our clients to define their own needs and make their own choices, while respecting their privacy and decisions.

Organization Values
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