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Our Programs

Primary Care at Home, INC. is committed to offering affordable, accessible healthcare to fit the needs of our clients. From case management to direct health and medical services, we ensure that each patient is educated, informed and empowered to achieve wellness and health through care and support. A number of our programs focus on HIV specialty care.

Medical Case Management

At Primary Care at Home, INC. we have two programs in case management. We have the Medical Waiver Program as well as Ryan White. Our case managers consist of an RN and a master prepared MSW to assist with all your medical and social needs.

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Ayurvedic Body Work Series

To support our clients who suffer from debilitating chronic pain, we've launched an Ayurvedic Body Work program, that integrates herbal treatment, oil massages, and steam therapy, in order to alleviate their discomfort and improve their quality of life.

Doctor's Appointment

Chronic Care Management

The Chronic Care Management (CCM) Program is a critical component of our primary care services. From prescriptions to preventative care, we create and revise person-centered care plans that adapt to each patient's needs. CCM is covered under Medicare and Medi-Cal.

Co-Care Management

The Co-Care Management (CoCM) program works alongside our primary care program to ensure our clients achieve both physical and mental wellness through counseling and pharmacotherapy. Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) care is covered under Medicare.

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The Madera County HIV Project

As an outsource partner of Madera County, Primary Care at Home, INC.'s medical director, Dr. Anthony Jones provides specialty care to PLWH to their county clinic once a month.

Statewide PrEP-AP

PCAHI has been chosen as one of three of California's statewide PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV) and PEP (post exposure prophylaxis) telehealth providers. Our service region is Northern California, with a special focus on minors (12-17 years old), the uninsured, or those with confidentiality concerns.

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Alameda County Youth Project

Primary Care at Home, INC. is committed to bettering the health of our entire community, including our youths. In addition to educational programming, we provide primary and specialty care (Family PACT) to Berkeley Youth Alternatives, The Unity Council, and Oakland Emiliano Zapata Street Academy.

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